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We are Pro Steel.
A european high-end steel merchant located in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Pro Steel is using industrial styles from the early 20th century and incorporates them in modern day purposes. If you're interested in enriching your home or business with a robust yet elegant look, you're in the right place!

Our strong and reliable steel, fitted with safety glass, is not only low-maintenance, but also breathes character into your home or business, making it a bold choice for renovations as well as new construction projects.

We are focused on delivering the BEST QUALITY INDUSTRIAL STEEL DOORS & WINDOWS


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Dimensions and drawings

all products are tailored to existing spaces

Big black steel doors in apartmant


The art of living - doors as the essence

Post-war office building transformed into modern apartment

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Enter the World of Steel Magic

Enter the World of Steel Magic with RP Fineline - in our selection, you will find profiles that marry innovation with versatility. Take your pick from: Rp fineline 70, Rp fineline 60W, rp hermetic 70W, hermetic 55W.

Why steel, you ask? We answer with a smile, "Why not?"

Steel has been our trusty friend for years, as solid as a rock and as dependable as the best sidekick. RP Fineline is like a spectrum of possibilities where there’s something for everyone. Our profiles are characterized by precision in manufacturing, a slim profile, and top-notch quality, making them not just functional but also an aesthetically pleasing component of any project. Regardless of the scale and complexity of the project, we can adapt to meet individual needs and requirements.

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More then steel vision

More than Steel Vision: Unveiling the Extraordinary World of High-Quality Steel Windows. Experience the perfect fusion of strength, elegance, and innovation as we delve into the remarkable craftsmanship and unparalleled beauty that sets these windows apart. From timeless designs to cutting-edge technology, prepare to be inspired by the endless possibilities offered by more than just steel.

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News and updates

Majorca's Inspiring Start to the New Year

Today I would like to share with you an extraordinary experience we had the pleasure of experiencing on the beautiful island of Majorca.

New Era in Our Company: Transformations, New Headquarters, and Innovative Production

Sharing exciting updates with you brings us true joy!

Discover the Radiance of Aluminum Windows!

Did you know that aluminum windows have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners worldwide?

and warranty.

Our hot rolled solid steel represents strength and performance. Steel frames are powder coated in one of the hundreds of possible RAL colors. We then enhance the frames with 6 mm tempered safety glass, providing you with high quality, low maintenance products on which you can rely for decades to come. To emphasize this, we provide a 10 years warranty on all steel purchased doors and windows!

2-4mm steel profiles
Powder coating in all RAL colours
Safety glass 33.1
10 years warranty

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