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We are Pro Steel.
A european high-end steel merchant located in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Pro Steel is using industrial styles from the early 20th century and incorporates them in modern day purposes. If you're interested in enriching your home or business with a robust yet elegant look, you're in the right place!

Our strong and reliable steel, fitted with safety glass, is not only low-maintenance, but also breathes character into your home or business, making it a bold choice for renovations as well as new construction projects.

We are focused on delivering the BEST QUALITY INDUSTRIAL STEEL DOORS & WINDOWS


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Steel doors with milk glass Pro Steel The Hague (Den Haag)


Elegant barriers on the terrace

It is elegant, mechanically resistant, resistant to water and temperature and easy to clean - description of perfect barriers on a terrace or a balcony.

Our steel railings are 100% custom made, always providing the possibility to use the whole available surface.

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Beauty Salon in The Hague

In a place like this, the appearance of the interior is a main concern for the clients.
We strongly believe that our steel doors can meet the standard.

Here we used 33.1 safety glass in milk colour. It is safe, ensures intimacy and is very stylish.

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Modern office on Video

The office - we all spent a generous amount of our time there.

With regard to this project, thanks to our glass&steel walls and sliding doors, employees still have a lot of daylight as well as privacy.

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What is safety glass 33.1?

Do you know why we are using safety glass in our products? Read and find out why 33.1 is better?

Sylwester interviewed by

You can now find out what the beginnings looked like. It's all started with young man and his dream...

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Finally we have a place where we can share with you all important things. Check our latest realizations and remember to back to our blog section regularly!

and warranty.

Our hot rolled solid steel represents strength and performance. Steel frames are powder coated in one of the hundreds of possible RAL colors. We then enhance the frames with 6 mm tempered safety glass, providing you with high quality, low maintenance products on which you can rely for decades to come. To emphasize this, we provide a 10 years warranty on all steel purchased doors and windows!

2-4mm steel profiles
Powder coating in all RAL colours
Safety glass 33.1
10 years warranty

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