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Our hot rolled, solid steel stands for strength and performance. We combine this with 6-8 mm tempered glass and provide you with a high quality, low maintenance product you can rely on for decades.


Our products’ robust, elegant looks go well with older as well as modern structures. It’s a great solution for architects, contractors, and individuals.


Pro Steel provides the right products for luxury residential applications, ranging from various types of doors (e.g. pivoting doors) to various types of walls (partition walls, exterior walls).


Start attracting the right business contacts with a fresh, stylish look!





About Us

steelPro Steel is a high-end European steel brand that uses early 20th century industrial style for modern day purposes. If you're interested in upgrading your home or business with a robust yet elegant look, you're in the right place!

Our strong and reliable steel fitted with safety glass is not only low-maintenance, but also breathes character into your home or business, being a bold choice for renovations as well as new construction projects.

We use galvanized, powder coated black mat steel which is known for its high structural integrity, meaning that you need a minimum amount of material to support the load it’s designed for.

This is also the main reason why our product has such thin sightlines: the small volume of material used in the frames doesn’t impede your view too much.steel

Our custom-made products give your home, office or room a powerful appearance. Furthermore, it is a helpful resource for architects, designers and contractors and helps individuals as well as businesses achieve their private and professional goals.

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