Steel window and door exterior solutions

Steel external doors and windows

Next to our already existing indoor glass and steel solutions, we would like to inform you that we also offer solutions for external applications. If you want to transform your house, apartment or loft, this solution can accentuate and reform an entire space. Of course the steel window and door system is also perfectly suited for business spaces. You can create a space with an ample amount of natural lighting, combined with strong and solid materials.

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Specifications of our glass and steel exterior solutions

Most modern houses have standardized windows, which were invented in order to provide every indoor space with a minimum amount of natural lighting. However, as a company we frequently receive inquiries from customers who would like to realize bigger windows in their spaces. Often windows seem to be strangely placed in existing buildings, meaning that there are better possibilities of letting more light in during the day.

With our current product for external use, you can basically realize every imaginable exterior solution with our steel and glass components. The steel elements can also be painted in a wide array of colors, which will enable a perfect fit with your interior and exterior. The window-frame consists of a very thin profile, which means you will create a seamless end-result that looks both sleek as well as luxurious. Some other specifications and benefits include:

  • Steel profiles with strip-galvanised metal
  • Double glazing possible
  • Extremely compact profiles avoiding almost any sightlines
  • Insulation Uw value up to 0.82
  • Up to class E750 water tightness
  • Up to class 4 air permeability
  • Up to class C5 resistance to wind load
  • Also can function as an invisible drainage
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Various applications possible

Our exterior solutions are perfectly suited in any situation, where a client would like to realize a stylish and modern way to provide access to an external space like a garden or communal space. Especially interiors that benefit from an industrial atmosphere, such as lofts, restaurants, office spaces and large atriums, can extend the overall look of as space outside. If a space already has glass and steel elements, this solution will provide a fluent addition that matches the overall existing atmosphere completely. Due to the anti-corrosion coating, our product will withstand all sorts of weather conditions and thus benefit from longevity and sturdiness.

RP-ISO-FINELINE steel window and door system

Steel windows profile

The RP-ISO-FINELINE steel window systems are specifically invented to allow architects find fitting solutions, when they are renovating industrial heritage buildings and special building requiring a unique approach. The solution fits perfectly into any modern and industrial interior, but will also provide classical interiors with a fresh new perspective. The range of profiles allows us to create very large window panes and doors, which will make it possible to lighten up a room extensively more than with normal window sizes. We can also add soundproof windows, so you can enjoy the silence and solitude of a space if you so wish.

The narrowest profiles with excellent thermal insulation properties

If you would like to receive more information about this product or a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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