Our Mission at PRO STEEL

Welcome to ProSteel! We are true enthusiasts of the art of crafting windows and doors. Our company is a team of extraordinary individuals who love what they do and strive for excellence in every detail. We bring spaces filled with natural light and unparalleled comfort to your home. What sets us apart is our ability to combine durability of materials with exceptional, elegant design.

Our team works with unwavering enthusiasm and determination. We are constantly striving to improve our products and services. We understand that details matter greatly, which is why every element of our windows and doors is meticulously crafted. Our passion and dedication make our products unmatched in terms of quality and aesthetics.

The trust of our customers is paramount to us. That's why we put our hearts into every project we undertake. Our company is a true family that cares about the needs and dreams of our clients. Through us, you can fulfill your deepest desires, offering you products that exceed the highest expectations.
Join our large family and discover a space that will brighten your heart and elevate your comfort to unprecedented heights. Let us fulfill your dreams and create products that will make your home a true place of harmony and beauty. We invite you to our world, where quality, professionalism, and passion come together!

Are you still wondering why it is worth cooperating with us?

Here are our tough principles at PRO STEEL:

  1. If we cannot trust each other for 100% then we won't start. Work must start in a happy and positive way!
  2. We never complain, we always look for solutions with the corporate ways, we are open minded people.
  3. A contract is a contract. Our pricing and the entire cooperation process is clear and transparent, we never use hidden costs and the price the customer sees is the price he pays.
  4. Never use poor materials to create orders. We all about quality here including our service.
  5. Finally, never break role in any case! We understand that perhaps we are not the best here, but we will do everything in our power to successfully complete the project!


"People are the biggest asset of this company."

Sylwester, co-owner and co-founder of PRO STEEL.

Since his early days, Sylwester’s focus was on good design, quality and style. At the age of 17 he became active in the construction industry. Working on interior finishing projects, he developed his skills and gathered valuable experience. Thanks to the opportunity of working in both polish and dutch markets, he is a specialist who can come up with the best solutions available in both countries.
Based on this knowledge and experience, he is now running Pro-Steel - manufacturer and distributor of steel, glass and wooden products.

"Only client focussed businesses like ours, can provide the highest level of service."

Przemek, co-owner & co-founder of PRO STEEL.

He founded Pro Steel together with his brother, because he knows that theirs combined skills will bring new and higher standards in the steel doors industry.

"Success is not just about having great ideas, but also about passionately bringing them to life through creative projects and actions!"


Creative Driving Force: Enthusiastic about Projects, Social Media, and Client Relationships.

"We show that the installations can be fast, clean and discrete."


We are all professionals. We all know that our work is representing the company. We install doors in various locations under different circumstances. With every job done, we gain new experience and knowledge.
We provide high standard services. Did you know it is possible to install steel and glass walls without making a mess? We are realizing this every day. Our special techniques allow us to mount regular steel doors, slide doors or windows within minutes. After the job is done, we always remove any possible mess made. This is why the new look of the interior is the only sign that we were ever there.

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