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Aluminum window frames for external use

Aluminum is a highly versatile material that is also durable, functional en very light. This makes aluminum one of the most commonly used engineering and building materials of our times, simply because it can be used in almost endless ways. Aluminum can be found in a vast array of everyday objects we use; from our smartphone and notebook to cars, furniture and building materials. ProSteel now offers aluminum exterior window frames, which can complement your building in exceptional ways.

Some background information about aluminum

Aluminum has been used since approximately 200 years, since it was discovered by a Danish physicist in 1825. Aluminum in its native form is very rare in nature, which means it needs to be refined from multiple compounds. The compound alum itself is the 13th element in the periodic table and has been discovered thousands of years ago, when it was mostly used for dyeing. The most common form of aluminum in nature consists of aluminum sulphates, which are then processed to create the aluminum that we use nowadays. It’s the third most common element on our planet, directly after silicon and oxygen. After aluminum was discovered it took another fifty years to be produced on a larger and industrial scale. Since then, the use of aluminum substantially widened and now you can see it almost everywhere.

Modern design offering high insulation

Our exterior aluminum windows offer you high-end modern design with a high amount of thermal insulation. You can also opt for perfect acoustic insulation, by using triple insulated glass. This works very well in busy areas such as cities and industrial areas. If you own an office building on a busy street, the combination of aluminum with soundproof glass will offer you a tranquil space to work in.
Aluminum can be molded into every imaginable design, which is what makes this material so versatile and easy to use. Aluminum is also very lightweight, strong and suffers less from corrosion than steel. Aluminum is constantly being improved to suit the latest trends and conditions, which means you will choose a strong and sustainable material that will last multiple decades.

Available in a multitude of colors and designs

Our aluminum windows can be tailored to your personal design preferences, just like our steel and glass products. Our windows for exterior use fit into a wide array of styles and exteriors, ranging from industrial and modern buildings to historical classical houses and offices. Aluminum windows can be painted in every RAL color, making it possible to establish a seamless fit with the color of your façade. Other benefits of aluminum include (but are definitely not limited to):
• Durable and dimensionally stable
• Lightweight
• Safe to use
• Environmentally friendly
• Easy to maintain
• Seamless fit
• Sleek and timeless

Applications of aluminum exterior windows

Our aluminum windows can be used for many different projects and renovations. Would you like to refresh the exterior of your house or apartment? Then these window frames often prove to be a valuable yet efficient addition that adds extra style and a modern feel to any building. Next to private buildings, our windows are also available for many business type buildings such as:
• Office buildings
• Commercial buildings such as stores and warehouses
• Showrooms
• Production buildings
• Hotels
• Recreational facilities
• Sports facilities
• Schools and universities
• Municipal buildings and government facilities

Pro Windows - uPVC specialist

Pro Windows is our second brand that specializes in uPVC windows.
Pro Windows started when we noticed growing demand on the market for a high-quality, yet affordable uPVC windows.
Pro Windows is committed to providing its customers with the best possible product.

Pro Windows - uPVC Windows

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