Fluted Glass


How to improve privacy in steel doors?


When it comes to choosing glass for steel doors, the choice usually falls on plain laminated safety glass 33.1.
Although it is a standard that is more than enough for glazing interior doors, there are many more possibilities.

Fluted beauty

One of our favorite choices is fluted glass. This glass has a textured appearance, which is why it is perfect for rooms where we want to maintain privacy.
The specificity of this glass lies in the multitude of effects. Natural breaking, penetration, and diffusion of light, limited transparency.

Different Interior, different need

Due to its unique texture, fluted glass also has a decorative function. Such glass fits perfectly with steel doors, but it is not its only use. It can be successfully
used to build a partition wall, as a balustrade, a door to a shower cubicle or a door to a steel kitchen cabinet. Fluted glass is also used for a design product.

Here’s our choice

We offer 3 types of fluted glass.

  • Wide ribs in 1 mm increments
  • Narrowly notched at 0.5 mm intervals.
  • Half clear half frosted glass.

You can see the difference in the below photos.
If so far you thought that steel doors are not for you, for privacy reasons, maybe it is time to reconsider this decision?

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