If you are interested in unique pieces that can be placed inside as well as outside, Corten might just be the material you are looking for. Corten is a relatively new material on the design market, which is made out of an alloy that contains iron, copper, nickel, silicon, chromium and phosphorus. This alloy provides the material with its mesmerizing rusty look, which can vary from bright orange to dark red. It offers almost unlimited options in terms of function and design, as it can be transformed into a wide array of conceptual and functional designs.

The history of Corten in a nutshell

Corten is definitely not a new material, as it has been used for different purposes throughout time. Many external constructs that rely on strong and hard materials have been manufactured with the use of Corten, such as sign poles, railroads and bridges. This is due to two very important benefits of Corten; its extremely high durability combined with very low maintenance costs. Corten is basically as strong as stainless steel, even though the corroded look of the material would seem otherwise. In effect Corten is even stronger than stainless steel, because it is a very adaptive material that can withstand almost any weather condition.

The strength of Corten explained

Although its surface might seem prone to corrosion, Corten actually benefits from its very dense oxide surface. The fact that Corten already is corroded shields the material from oxidation, which in turn makes it durable and strong. This specific alloy needs a minimum of maintenance and will indefinitely look and feel the same. The only thing to keep in mind is to position the Corten object a little bit farther away from very light surface areas, as the corrosion might transfer to certain materials. If you position Corten a few centimeters away from a light surface like a wall, you are safe from any transference. Of course our experts at ProSteel can offer you any necessary advice to ensure a perfect placement.

Possibilities Corten has to offer

Possibilities Corten has to offer

Corten can be purchased in an endless variety of forms, thicknesses and shapes. We offer a broad array of already designed pieces, each with their own function and placement. Corten fits exceptionally well into outside spaces, for example functioning as plant pots or vases. Next to outside placement, any interior can also benefit from Corten products, such as beautifully designed fireplaces and a wide assortment of accessory pieces and designs. Corten is available in a plethora of interesting architectural designs that complement any kind of interior.

Applications of Corten

Corten is specifically made to withstand outside temperatures and weather conditions, which makes it a perfect addition to any garden or outside space. We offer many different garden elements, such as plant pots and vases, architectural pieces of art and many extra additions to any private or business garden. ProSteel has a variety of special offers for companies that specifically work with architectural garden designs, always feel free to contact us for more information or a personal quote. We can also realize custom made grills and other pieces specifically designed for restaurants and hotels, as well as garden borders and various accessories that will definitely make your outside space stand out from the rest. Next to already designed pieces, we can also offer completely custom designed objects to your explicit preferences. Please feel free to contact our team any time for a personal quote, or simply more information about this beautiful and unique product.

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