Wooden doors and walls

Wooden doors

After years of searching for the best materials and testing the best possible combinations, we can finally add wooden interior doors to our already extensive product range. The same doors we implement in our integrated wall systems can also be installed separately. This means we can realize completely personalized and custom doors that perfectly match your already existing interior. Our doors have veneer boards as a basis, which are being treated in different ways in order to create spectacular effects. It is possible to burn every imaginable artwork, logo or texture into the boards, which creates the flawless end-product. Our custom doors are suited for many different applications, such as a front door, an interior door, a fitted wardrobe or even a hidden door.


The doors we use in the process are by no means ordinary doors. Because of the way we produce our product, the door can be both visible as well as completely hidden in the structure. We can completely tailor every door to your needs, due to the fact that we have unlimited finishing options to our disposal. We also finish all doors manually, meaning you have a guaranteed 100% unique product that will surely stand out in any space. Hinges and other elements can also be perfectly hidden from view, which enables to match the door with the surrounding interior.

The doors as well as hinges and accessories can all be individually designed and hand-picked by our clients. We offer wooden doorframes in steel and aluminum too, which we then proceed to finish with various wooden coatings. You can choose from several types of wood such as oak, and also freely design the rest of the door and adjacent surfaces. The wooden doors can also be combined with glass and steel elements, creating a stylish and modern frame. All doors are professionally assembled and placed in your private or office space by our team, in order to guarantee you the best possible quality and longevity.

Integrated wall systems - what is this?

Integrated wall systems are a wonderful and completely unique addition to every space, for both professionally owned as well as private buildings. If you want to renovateyour apartment or office floor, this is an extremely interesting option if you value quality and special constructs. Walls in this system are created using a patented production technology with veneer boards as a basis. In fact, the entire production process is patented. The end product is a seamless surface with an extraordinary texture, design and many possibilities in terms of personalization.

The production process starts with the painting or coating of the veneer boards that will be used, with a special coating that is specifically created to this end. Once the coating is in place, the pattern that was chosen by the client will be burnt into the surface of the veneer boards. Once this has been done, we commence with the manual application of colors and process the design further. The finishing of the veneer boards is completely finished manually, which means every single product is 100% unique.

This patented technology creates a surface that is not just a print. Due to the factthat the pattern is burned onto the veneer boards, it actually creates a textured surface. This technology is unique in its way and it is not possible to find this product anywhere else. This modern and state of the art technology can be used to create doors, wardrobes, integrated wardrobes and also for various pieces of furniture and several constructs within a certain space.

Multiple end-products



Our integrated wall systems are perfect for designing an entire wall, which offers you an ample amount of storage space. This choice is especially interesting if you want to merge the storage space with the room ambiance. Our solution will leave you with a seamless end-result that looks like a solid wall to the eye, yet offers the same benefits as any other fitted wardrobe.

Divisions in a space

Next to entire walls, we can also create smaller divisions or storage spaces. This is interesting for unique spaces such as storage below a flight of stairs, or a corner in a room that you would like to use for storage purposes.


The technology we use can also perfectly be applied to create single doors that merge with their direct environment. Maybe you would like to create an extra door to the bathroom, or a door in the kitchen that leads to a storage cabinet? This option is perfect for situations where you want to acquire a seamless result, without a door breaking the room or space in two.

Hidden doors

One of the most interesting options is the realization of hidden doors. In very old buildings you can still find these, like castles and government buildings. A hidden door will allow you to create a certain flow in a space, whilst you are also completely free in designing the artwork and details of the wall and door.

Annexes and extra constructs

If you have annexes or small buildings next to your office space or house, out integrated wall system is perfect for creating a bridge between already existing constructs and new ones. We can help you with the design, so both spaces flow into each other in a beautiful way.

To create cupboards in the kitchen or office

If you would like to design a one-of-a-kind kitchen with manually created cupboards, our integrated wall systems might be the perfect solution for you. Instead of regular cupboards with clearly visible edges, you can seamlessly fir your cupboards into a flawless surface. This creates a very modern and extravagant end-product that will definitely be unique.

Types of applications

Offices and administrative building

Office spaces can reap massive benefits from our product, since an organized space improves the ambiance in the room. An integrated wall system will make every office look modern and effortlessly chic, without the clutter of office amenities to distract from the calm atmosphere.

Cabinets at home

You create every imaginable cabinet or storage space with this technology, completely as you wish. From small cupboards to entire walls; our professionals will gladly discuss your wishes with you and create unique storage space. Our system is also very suitable for children’s rooms, as you are totally free concerning the design of the end-result.

Private apartments and houses

You can stylize your home by adding integrated wall systems to your living room, bedroom or private study. The seamless end result also works perfectly in modern kitchen spaces, providing you with a more spacious atmosphere. It is also a perfect solution for bedrooms, if you are looking for a way to store your clothing and shoes in an organized and unique manner. We can tailor our product to your exact specifications, wishes and preferable artwork.

Restaurants and hotels

Our integrated wall systems can be created for a wide array of different spaces, such as a store or a restaurant. Especially hotels and restaurants can benefit from this state-of-the-art solution, as you can flawlessly incorporate storage space in a way that looks esthetically pleasing to the eye. You can make any bar look sleek, modern and stylish without excessive products that break the flow of your interior.

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